LE PERLE DI PAVONE Extra Brut 2015

Vino Spumante di Qualità
LE PERLE DI PAVONE Extra Brut 2015

Wine Description

The special sparkling wine made from grapes of the Brunello terroir. A great Blanc de Noir from Montalcino. 47 months bottle-ageing on the fine yeast. A sparkling experience from 100% Sangiovese. The perfect companion for festive occasions, as an aperitif and with appetizers.

Wine Type
sparkling wine | white | dry
12.5 %
Residual Sugar
1 g/l
7 g/l
vegan, organic, bio-dynamic
Drinking Temperature
8 - 10 °C
Aging Potential
8 years




Italy, Toscana, Montalcino
Quality grade
Vino Spumante di Qualità
Campo Levante, La Rosa dei Venti
Sangiovese 100 % | 20 years
5000 plants/ha | 5000 liter/ha
Sea Level
450 - 500 m
galestro limestone slate

Weather / Climate


Harvest and Maturing

handpicked | 31 august - 2 september | 15 kg cask
Grape Sorting
Malolactic Fermentation
spontaneous with pied de cuve
Sangiovese | small wooden barrel | 500 L | used barrel | 28 day(s) | temperature control: yes | 18 - 18 °C | 100 %
July 5, 2020 | cold | mechanical
Sulfur Added

Food pairing

The perfect companion for festive occasions, as an aperitif or with appetizers.

Vintage 2015

Seasonal performance: A quite dry winter, with below average rainfall but with average temperatures for the time of year (January min. -3°C and max. 15.5°C). Total rainfall for the month of January 2015: 40 mm. The same seasonal performance was found in February, with min. temperatures -2°C and max. 15.5°C. Total rainfall for the month of February: 95 mm. There was no frost and no snow. Start of spring: March was characterised by average rainfall, with a total of 72 mm. Temperatures remained above average, oscillating between 1.5°C and 20°C at the end of the month. August and ripening : The month of August was characterised by very little rainfall concentrated in the first week. Total rainfall for the month: 48 mm. Higher than average temperatures in the first week were mitigated after rain on the 8th and 9th of August (about 30 mm) and there was an important temperature range, with max. temperatures of 26°-28°C by day and minimums of 15°-16°C by night. This made conditions excellent for aromatic concentration. This situation enabled long ripening, of great importance for both aromas and the quality of tannins. The increase in temperatures at the end of August, with top temperatures reaching as much as 33°-34°C, had an important influence on skins, concentrating the aromas and dry extract. September and harvest: The first week of September was characterised by rain concentrated between the 2nd -3 rd -4 th and 5th of the month, and another considerable drop in temperatures, which were between max. 25°C and min. 15°C. The temperatures climbed again in the middle of the month, reaching 33°-34°C, accompanied by excellent ventilation from the east. The last ten days of September were characterised by slight rainfall and low temperatures, falling as low as 9°C min. and 18°C max. A total of 48 mm of rain fell in September. The first Sangiovese grapes were harvested between the 15th and 20th of September, in the south / south-easterly area. (Consorzio Brunello di Montalcino)